The Yvon Lamarre foundation was founded in 1983 as the dream of many individuals, conscious of the lack of housing resources for people with intellectual and / or physical disabilities..


At that time, people with disabilities remained institutionalized or lived with their parents who suffered exhaustion, isolation and anguish.


The Foundation has been a pioneer in developing residences in the community for these vulnerable individuals.

We would like to highlight the work of the first builders of the foundation who accompanied Yvon Lamarre and made possible the acquisition of the first residences: Guy Bernier President of the Fédération des Caisses Desjardins in western Montréal, Jean-Marie Chabot, President of the Port of Montreal and Jean-Jacques Mercier, Founder and publisher of La Voix-Populaire.


In 2006, in order to favor the deinstitutionalization of people coming from the Rivière-des-Prairies hospital, the Foundation bought several residences to house 60 people with physical and / or intellectual disabilities. Thus, without a grant, the Yvon Lamarre Foundation housed all these people and allowed them to build their daily lives outside the psychiatric hospital.


Today, the Foundation carries 34 adapted residences offering accommodation, respite care and stimulation for people with physical, intellectual and / or autism spectrum disorders.