Our achievements

These people have decided to make a difference.

We acquired two new homes!

The St-Évariste residence has made it possible to accomodate a group of users in a house better adapted to their needs.

The Jolicoeur residence hosts the offices of our partner Emergo and soon their project of urban respite!

Our Residence Nicolas-Moisan changes its vocation:

it will become a "résidence à assistance continue modèle”.

Major adaptations were planned and undertaken in collaboration with the CRDITED of Montreal, an installation of CIUSSS Center-Sud de Montréal, to become a “résidence à assistance continue modèle”.

The objective: offer help during housing emergencies, evaluation and stabilization. Users usually stay for a short time.

This RAC will welcome clients who have no other accommodation from families or hospitals. It will house clients with very heterogeneous profiles (ID, ASD, global cognitive impairments, mental health disorders).


Our day-to-day operations consist of managing the many maintenance jobs in our residences, such as:


  • Repairs to damaged walls and floors due to sometimes virulent reactions by users;
  • Electrical works to maintain optimum safety for residents;
  • Frequent upgrading of taps, baths and toilets;
  • Regular external maintenance in order to maintain good neighborly relations;


Some residences sometimes require more extensive work.

This year we carried out the following major works:


  • Adaptation of the two new residences to meet their specific needs;
  • Rehabilitation of two roofs;
  • Changes of exterior staircases and balconies of three residences;
  • Window changes for two residences;
  • Main drain and French drain excavation at a water-damaged residence.


These new projects as well as the maintenance work take a lot of energy from the Foundation's volunteers and a lot of financial resources.