Our mission

These people have decided to make a difference.



The Yvon Lamarre Foundation is dedicated to helping families who are facing a scarcity of residential services for their adult or aging children.


It promotes the social and community integration of people with intellectual and / or physical disability and / or autism spectrum disorder.


The foundation wishes to ensure the future and emotional well being of our users and help them develop their autonomy. We also want to reduce the burden of difficult situations placed upon the families of people with disabilities, thus creating a more positive environment and providing the families with hope and peace of mind


The Foundation wants to provide its residents with homes that are, above all, accessible, comfortable and reassuring. It offers stability with equipment adapted to our users' limitations in a quality environment, close to day centers, main streets or shopping centers, accessible to adapted transport.


We also wish to promote the integration of our extraordinary residents in their neighbourhoods so that they can build a future away from tensions and worries.


Mission and Partners


We accomplish our mission by working mainly in partnership and collaboration with the Montreal CRDITED of the CIUSSS of centre-sud de Montreal.


The Yvon Lamarre Foundation also supports other partners:


Autism Montreal

This organization offers, among other things, weekend respite at La Maisonnette owned by the Foundation.


"La Maison Répit Oasis"

This organization also offers weekend respite (total of 600 person/nights per year), early stimulation services and independent living learning.


“Emergo", Emergo offers respite to families of people with autism by offering summer vacation camps and 22 weekend camps during the school year to nearly 250 participants with autism.


Two of our houses are also available to the "Centre de Réadaptation de l'Ouest Montréal (CROM), facilities of the CIUSSS in the West Island of Montreal”.


Our daily mission


We are primarily facilitators.

We ensure regular maintenance, both indoors and outdoors, and frequent restoration of our residences due to sometimes "vigorous" use of our facilities.

We coordinate and maximize our efforts to facilitate rehabilitation and maximize the quality of life for our residents.


The Yvon Lamarre Foundation counts on a dedicated team that includes committed members of the Board, a group of people dedicated to fundraising, as well as people devoted to the maintenance of our houses. These teams are entirely volunteer.


Thanks to your donations …


Thanks to your donations, our management team made up of volunteers hopes to improve the quality of life of our 200 residents as well as offer accommodation to respite centers.


We ask ourselves, if our residences did not exist, where would our users be?

In the street? Abused and exploited itinerants? Institutionalized?


Our residents have a very heterogeneous profile (polyhandicap, physical impairment, serious behavioral problems, mental health problem, physical health problems, problems related to aging, problems of social adaptation, judicialization, homelessness). This represents a challenge for them and for the Yvon Lamarre Foundation.


Why continue our mission?


By passion and duty to these different, extraordinary and very vulnerable people.

By a commitment to the people who created the Foundation and our generous donors.